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  New York Flyer Delivery and Door Hanger Distribution: Services in the New York area.

Wednesday   January  28,  2015       

New York Flyer Distribution
Servicing New York City and New York State
We Deliver Flyers and Door Hangers In New York Statewide!

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We distribute flyers, door hangers, mailers, circulars, menus, etc. door to door in New York City as well as other New York state areas.  Our prices are very reasonable and we distribute ALL flyers.  Flyer distribution in New York and surrounding areas include Manhattan, NY, Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse and more!

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Benefits/ Services: 
1. We distribute ALL flyers.
2. We only distribute flyers to the areas you want.
3. The distribution is audited for extra assurance of a complete distribution.
4. We do our best to abide by all laws regarding solicitation.
4. Our rates are reasonable.

Contact us so you can be included in our next distribution.  We cover all areas around New York and you can target the area you want to cover.

Pay by check online.  No credit card required!     Pay using any major credit card.

Contact Us 

Please use the secure form below to contact us.  We respond quickly to all inquiries.  We offer you multiple payment options, guaranteed delivery, and great rates!  We currently only distribute door to door or hand to hand in New York City & NY state.  We can also distribute to parked cars in some areas.  We cannot distribute to some residences that have controlled entries and we do not distribute to any businesses.

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Include any additional information such as zip codes, how soon are you looking to distribute, and if you already have some flyers on hand, etc.

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Contact us now to get your distribution started.  Get your flyers, leaflets, door hangers, brochures, delivered in New York with us!

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Can't find your city and wondering if we cover it?   Yes we do.  We can distribute on weekdays and weekends.


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